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One of the most serious calls that we can get on our Belmont locksmith emergency hotline is that of a parent with children who have become trapped in a locked car. Children are always unpredictable, and it is all too easy for them to lock the door after their parent has got out of the car. This can lead the parent to become distressed, and may attract attention from passers-by. Our service operates a hotline which is dedicated to sending out a team within half an hour of the call, letting you get attention that much faster.

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If the child has accidentally locked the door, then getting them to open the door again can be difficult, but it is worth at least attempting before you decide to call out a Belmont locksmith. However small children may not be able to understand what the problem is, and this is when our rapid-response team can come to your assistance. Another reason for the door being locked may be a fault within the car lock itself, so that when you close the door, an automatic locking system is triggered which traps the children inside. In cases like these, it is essential to get the children out quickly in order to avoid further harm.

We also know that pets can also accidentally lock themselves in the car, or become locked through a problem with the key. When this occurs, there is little chance of you being able to open the door yourself, so it makes sense to try and fix the problem by contacting our Belmont locksmith service, and having them send a team to your car. No matter where you are in the city of Belmont, MA, we can send someone there in under half an hour.

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